Fresh mussels

Our company offers a variety of fresh mussel products to meet your and your customers’ needs.
We offer mussels in MAP packages, net bags and jute sacks in both standard and custom sizes.

The MAP packaging helps preserve the freshness of the mussels. They are a popular choice for customers who value
convenience and longer shelf life. Choose from our 1 kg, 1.5 kg or 2 kg options.

Our mussels are also available in net bags. These net bags provide a convenient and
attractive way to package and display our delicious mussels. Our net bags come in 1 kg as standard.

Jute sacks are an eco-friendly way of packaging seafood, allowing air to circulate around the mussels -
guaranteed to be the freshest and highest quality mussels available. Choose from our 5 or 10 kg options.